How do I become a volunteer?

1. Choose the direction of volunteer activity, which is closest to you in spirit, desires and possibilities: if you decided to become a volunteer, it is very important to decide which direction of the volunteer movement is more convenient for you to participate.

The Fund carries out activities in the following areas:

  • Volunteers in hospitals
  • Gratis rendering of professional services to the fund
  • Support for the foundation in carrying out charity events and events
  • Information support
  • Helping drivers
  • Legal support of trustees of the fund

2. In order to enroll in the Fund’s volunteers, write in free form Letter-acquaintance to our site,
after this you will be contacted by the fund’s employees and invited to a conversation.

3. If you have chosen the direction of medical coaching, you will need to undergo a volunteer training course.

4. After that, volunteer work can begin.


Volunteering is a mutual agreement, mutual decision and recognition of the rights and obligations of the parties. The most important topic for a volunteer is the topic of his competence and boundaries. Having failed to understand his place in relation to the ward, the volunteer will not be able to observe the most important principle “do no harm.” The task of the volunteer is to integrate into the existing environment and provide assistance in cooperation with the beneficiary’s entire environment, building boundaries and trusting relationships.