Little moms

Little moms

At all times, motherhood was the most significant value of a person. The birth of a child in the family was a conscious step to create a family. Every society undergoes constant change. Until recently, underage mothers did not stand out as a separate category of socially vulnerable. But since the late 60’s began to be a rapid increase in the number of pregnancies and births among adolescents, and teenage motherhood was identified as a deviant phenomenon.

The problem of early motherhood takes place not only in underdeveloped countries, but also at the global level.

Pregnant teenage girl is not ready for physiological, psychological, or social aspects to become a full-fledged mother, therefore she directly falls into the risk group. This category is the most vulnerable and needs special attention, both from the side of society and from the family. Pregnancy deprives a girl of education, in most cases causes conflicts in the family and misunderstandings from the parents, separates from communicating with peers, which negatively affects her socialization as a person. A young mother can not give the child the proper care, worthy upbringing due to inexperience.

In solving the problem of deviant maternity, there are two ways to solve it: the first is prevention among adolescents. Preventative work is the most effective in the form of influencing the conditions and causes causing deviant behavior in the early stages of the manifestation of problems.

The second is direct work with young mothers, it includes: preparation in the moral and physical terms of the future mother; assistance to a young mother in a crisis period; support for the mother throughout pregnancy and childbirth; the enlightenment of a teenage mother in matters of caring for a toddler.

In order to help pregnant teenagers and young mothers to better navigate in the newly emerged situation, it is planned to organize special support groups for “inexperienced” moms who are led by mothers “with experience”, organizing seminars on various issues, including housing, financial, legal, medical aspects. It is planned to provide targeted material assistance.

The organization and implementation of these measures will help adolescents become full members of society and be realized in life.