Get help

Get help

If you, your child, a relative, a friend were in trouble, and you decided to ask for help in our charity fund, we will do our best that depends on us. But we need your help. Please pay attention to our requirements for the necessary documents.

This is not done to confuse or exhaust you. In no case. Fund these papers are required for a very clear and reasonable reason: to exclude the possibility to send money to the fraudster. After all, the fund gets money for a reason – it bears full responsibility for them.

Always leave your contact information, and the more, the better: mailing address, phone number, e-mail address.

Contacting our fund – step by step.

1. Write a letter (in paper or electronic format), in which describe your trouble. Talk about your misfortune honestly and sincerely. Immediately attach to the letter scan copies of documents that will be required (passport, birth certificate, requisites, photocopies of documents).

Enter your full name, full postal address (with the index), email address, contact phone numbers. Describe the problem. Our task is to acquaint readers of the Fund of Compassionate and Noble Compatriots with your grief. These people want to have the fullest possible idea of your misfortune and the mechanism of assistance. Therefore, the letter should be a living, sensible story about the situation in which you are.

The letter should be dated and signed by you personally.

In no case hide from fund staff – all calls and emails must be answered.

2. Based on the results of consideration of the Fund’s employees, you will be sent a questionnaire for mandatory completion, depending on your calamity and the list of necessary documents.

The format for sending documents is extremely important. There are a lot of appeals and not to complicate and not to delay the work of the Administrator, you should send documents in the archive and give them names. The quality of images is also an important component when checking documents. All documents must be color-coded and stored in high resolution.

The fund’s experts will carefully check all the documents you provide, and only after that a decision is made whether to initiate a donation or start collecting funds. We will try to do this as quickly as possible, but to a greater extent it depends on you.

If this did not happen within ten days from the date of contact – please call us.

Unfortunately, help can not always be rendered instantly.