“Mama Nadezhda” is a charity fund for the support and development of charitable, public and socially significant initiatives in the world. The main activity of the Foundation is the development of the charitable sector in the CIS countries, as well as the increase of its professionalization level.

Charitable activities are carried out in order to:

– social support and protection of people, including improving the financial situation of the poor, social rehabilitation of the unemployed, disabled and other persons who, due to their physical or intellectual characteristics or other circumstances, are unable to independently exercise their rights and legitimate interests;
– assistance to victims of natural disasters, environmental, industrial or other disasters, social, national, religious conflicts, victims of repression, refugees and internally displaced persons;
– promoting the strengthening of prestige and the role of the family in society;
– assistance in the protection of motherhood, childhood and paternity;
– protection of the environment and protection of animals;
– protection and proper maintenance of buildings, objects and territories of historical, cultic, cultural or environmental significance, and burial sites;
– social rehabilitation of orphans, children left without parental care, street children, children in difficult life situations;
– the promotion of volunteerism.

The Foundation collects donations not only to provide targeted assistance to those in need, but also to other non-profit organizations (NGOs), including charitable foundations, including organizations that help other organizations.

Our task is – We will make every effort to ensure that every history or problem described by us is successfully resolved.

All those in need, as well as the funds and projects presented on our website, undergo a multistage system of peer review. By sacrificing on our website you can be sure that your money will reach the beneficiaries and will not fall into the hands of scammers.